<VV> brake help

Hugo Miller hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
Wed Jan 23 19:09:28 EST 2019

That all sounds good - except that I believe brake seals are not made 
of rubber?

On 2019-01-23 16:10, Steve Gangi via VirtualVairs wrote:
> I'd like to add my two cents as a rubber chemist.  1. When a new
> rubber seal is exposed to a fluid for the first time it becomes
> conditioned to that fluid (swells) and takes a set. When that fluid 
> is
> removed, the rubber slowly recovers (shrinks). DOT 3 brake fluid and
> Silicone are very different. They do not mix and cause different
> swelling. Once a brake part has been swelled once in DOT 3 it will 
> not
> re-swell to the same dimensions in silicone and probably leak. 2. If
> you are putting silicone into a system previously containing DOT 3 
> you
> should at least clean the system with alcohol and dry out completely
> by blowing compressed air through the lines. Then take apart the
> cylinders and wipe all the rubber cups off with alcohol. If you are
> going to go through all that, you might as well put in new rubber 
> cups
> or new wheel cylinders. I have had similar experiences as many of 
> you;
> great results with new parts and mixed results taking short cuts. I
> live near the ocean and silicone is a necessity for old cars. Steve
> GangiBranford, CT6 Corvairs
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> Just because you tried the DOT 5 in a worn system and it leaked out 
> does
> not mean DOT 5 is a bad product, it means you needed to address the 
> worn
> seals.
> If it was the braking system would you have been equally stubborn to 
> fix
> the leaks? "Well, it seems fine now..."
> Just being throttle means failure would be inconvenient, not a safety
> problem, but brakes?
> Been using DOT 5 for almost 40 years, NO issues. No brake failure due 
> to
> supposed DOT? 5 issues. Nice to have 20 year old wheel cylinders 
> still
> work like when they were rebuilt! No more white corrosion.
> Frank DuVal
> On 1/16/2019 7:33 PM, Hugo Miller via VirtualVairs wrote:
>> I have a coach business in the UK - I used to have a coach with a
>> hydraulic throttle. I switched to silicone fluid, thinking it would 
>> be
>> better. It started leaking. As a stop-gap, I just topped it up with
>> conventional fluid till I could replace the seals. As the silicone
>> fluid was replaced (or rather leaked out!) the leak slowed then
>> stopped. I never did replace the seals! Never used the stuff since!
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