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Randy (Cap'n) Hook judynrandy at comcast.net
Wed Oct 23 19:35:26 EDT 2019

Thank you for your reply.  I sort of figured as much.  Not to worry-I DO have things opened up considerably.  Not only am I going to swap in the pg, but I have to get the gas heater out of the other '63.  (I have 2 '63 ragtops)  Unfortunately it got wrecked in Feb.  I installed the gas heater because I also have headers on the '64 110 in a '60 case/cooling system engine in it.  I did this because I wanted a thermostat on the engine.  It also helped that the engine started out life in a '60 we nicknamed "Rusty".  With a 4spd, Rusty was the most fun corvair I ever owned.  I drove him until the seat broke through the floor.  The engine ran so great it was a natural for the ragtop.  Believe it or not, with those headers and 51 jets, I can wind it out to 55 in low before I shift into drive.  What a blast to drive!!!  The replacement '63 ragtop came with a 4spd.  A 4spd is a blast to drive and all, but the money needed to do a complete clutch job is kinda prohibitive. (Over $500, at last c
 heck) Plus, we have the clutch cable, disc, and throwout bearing to think about.  Today, I can do a clutch job.  But will I be able to do one, physically, if needed in 5 years? Or 10? (I'm now 60)  You get the idea.  Since my goal is to drive the wheels off of said car and enjoy the crap out of it for as long as humanly possible, a pg is a much more logical and practical choice.   Thanks again.

Randy (Cap'n) Hook
> On October 22, 2019 at 6:11 PM Jim Becker <mr.jebecker at gmail.com> wrote:
> The neutral safety switch is also the backup light switch.  So the PG dash 
> harness has two extra plugs wired into wires that would otherwise be 
> straight through. It would be easiest to get/use a PG dash harness that 
> probably will come along with your PG instrument panel.  The manual shift 
> main harness has a plug to go into the manual backup switch.  You could swap 
> in a PG main harness.  But unless you have a lot of tings opened up, it 
> would be easier to just remove the BU switch plug and splice the two exposed 
> ends together.
> Jim Becker
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> I'm switching my '63 ragtop from a 4spd. to a pg.  I know I have to switch 
> the dash and dash wiring cause of the neutral safety switch, but do I have 
> to switch the main harness as well?  Or would it be simpler to just re-wire 
> what's there already.   Inquiring minds want to know.  Thanx.
> Randy (Cap'n) Hook
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