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William Hubbell wjhubbell at gmail.com
Sun Sep 8 09:45:30 EDT 2019

Lucky for you, I have the old dash harness from my 1964 Convertible sitting in a box - bought a new one from Clark’s (not yet installed).  So I ran some continuity tests and then I peeled back the tape from the old harness.  

Basically, the assembly manual and wiring diagram in the 1964 supplement are wrong with regards to the glove box light.   What they are showing is how to wire it if it is added on later.   

However, if installed at the factory, this wire (20g black with orange stripe, or 20 B/OR) is connected to all of the other B/OR wires via a splice inside the harness, located toward the left (driver side) of where the wires for headlight switch, fuel gage, wipers, warning lights, and left dash light split off. 

The B/OR circuit includes:
Brake/Tail Lights
Dome or Courtesy lights
Glove Box Light

It receives power from a 16 B/OR wire attached directly under the fuse panel to the Tail Stop Dome fuse clip (5th fuse from the top)

On cars with standard equipment Heater and Glove Box light, the 6th fuse is not used  (because they receive power from the 5th fuse) and the outboard clip is not even installed.  But if either of these items are added as an option, the clip (and fuse) are added and the wires plugged into the terminals on the side (or at least, I think so). 

So, first thing I would check is fuse #5 (tail Stop Dome).   If it is bad, replace it and then see if your glove box light works.  If it’s not that, then you probably have a bad harness. 

Hope this helps!


On Sep 7, 2019, at 9:00 PM, Doug Mackintosh <dougmackintosh at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hey, Bill!

Those pictures are the same diagrams I described from the Assembly Manual. But none of the physical evidence resembles the depicted stuff at the fuse box end (your Image 2). There is no item 5 and no wires/connectors either existing or otherwise. And it used to work without any of that stuff. I have 2 1964's with the same setup not resembling the manual.

Is your 4-door like the manual?

-- Doug Mackintosh Corsa member since 1996 Corsa/NC member since 1996, Virtual Vairs member Corvair owner 1969-1971 and 1996-on

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Hello smart Corvair folks!
Does anyone know how the glove box light on a 1964 car is connected to the fuse box? How is the wire routed from the glove box to the fuse box? Where does it connect?
My 1964 Spyder had a working light. Now it does not work. I have no voltage at the glove box end terminal. The black/orange wire runs from the glove box toward the fuse box but I have not yet been able to trace it beyond the right side of the steering wheel. According to the Assembly Manual the wire runs to a male terminal on the fuse connector on the side of the box. My box has an empty hole for the fuse in the spot marked Glove Box, but there is only one fuse connector on the inboard side and no second connector for the other end of the fuse on the outboard side, and no fuse is present. These parts were not there when the light used to work either. I see no black/orange wires connected to fuse box terminals, although I do see a black/orange wire in the bundle exiting the back end of the box.
My 1962 cars are wired as described in the manuals, so apparently something changed after 1962.
Can anyone enlighten me?

-- Doug Mackintosh Corsa member since 1996 Corsa/NC member since 1996, Virtual Vairs member Corvair owner 1969-1971 and 1996-on

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