Hugo Miller hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
Wed Feb 19 07:28:22 EST 2020

1) Funnily enough I have both rear lamps flashing when I turn left. But 
that is because I have just had all the lamps out to respray the car, 
and there is obviously a ground issue somewhere. I do not like the 
grounding system (or lack of it) on Corvair rear lamps. I have drilled 
all my buckets & put tag wires on each of them to ground. In my case, 
one of them has obviously not been re-connected properly (the car isn't 
on the road yet so I haven't looked at it). Sounds like you may have 
something similar going on?
2) Many cars (but not the Corvair I think) have a turn signal warning 
light that simply bridges from one side to the other. So when you put 
your left turn signals on, the feed to the warning lamp from the left 
turn signals grounds through the bulbs on the right, and vice versa. 
This system is used on some British cars - not sure about USA and don't 
think it applies to the Corvair - but if it DID, I would imagine it 
would play havoc with LED bulbs.
3) Motorcycle suppliers sell what I suppose are resistors, to increase 
the load when you fit LED's to motorcycles. You need to add a load or 
the flasher won't work.
3) There is a guy in England who makes some excellent LEDs for cars, 
that overcome many of the issues you get with Chinese LEDs. He is on 
Facebook under Pete Jury PJ, or 'Pre War & Vintage Cars & Motorcycles 
inc. Parts for Sale & Wanted'. He might be the man to ask.

On 2020-02-19 04:40, Arlette Pat & Carl Kelsen via VirtualVairs wrote:
> G’day everyone,
> I have installed LED globes in the ‘white back up’ tail lights at the
> rear of our 1965 Monza convertible. I want to achieve amber turn
> signals while retaining the existing white back lights and it seems
> that these three wire amber / white LED globes will provide this.
> So far, I have
> 1/
> Connected the LED ‘white globe’ to our cars existing back up wiring.
> 2/
> Connected the earth/ground wires to cars frame.
> 3/
> Run new wires from the LED amber globe to turn signal switch.
> My problems,
> 1/
> Our ‘65 Monza has the optional 4-way hazard flasher. The flasher now
> does not flash but on occasion works then stops.
> 2/
> The turn signals function on both left and right but there appears to
> constant power as the opposite side turn signal not in use light 
> turns
> on but does not  flash.
> I have replaced to steering wheel turn signal switch. Have checked
> and double checked my wiring. I am wondering now if I need LED
> compatible faster cans for my cars turn signals and 4 way hazard
> flasher.
> I am running out things to check and wonder if anyone’s had
> experience with LED light conversions.
> Regards
> Carl Kelsen
> 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza convertible
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