<VV> FC Engine Wiring Harness

Hugo Miller hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
Fri Jul 24 07:49:25 EDT 2020

Yes, if it is a 9 volt coil (or similar). In theory. there should also 
be a 12 volt feed when the starter is operated, on the basis that when 
the starter has taken its chunk of the available battery power, there's 
about 9 volts left for the coil. But if that feed from the starter 
(relay or switch) is not there, that rather defeats the pont of having a 
9 volt coil and resistor in the first place.
How do you know your wire is a resistor wire and not just a 12 volt 
feed? You can't tell with a volt-meter, as it needs a current draw to 
show up the resistance & you will still get 12 volts on a meter, even if 
it is a resistor wire (I think).

On 2020-07-24 00:18, Brian via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Of helping a fellow club member with his 1961 FC.  It's my first time
> working on any wiring on an early model.  His engine wiring harness
> was a mess!  So we ordered a new one.  All my experience has been 
> with
> late-model wiring harnesses where the resistance wire doubles back on
> itself and does not directly connect to the coil.  This new wiring
> harness has only one wire that will reach to the coil and that is a
> fabric covered resistance wire!  I'm a little confused.  Is the coil
> receiving less than 12 V all the time?  Any clarification would be
> greatly appreciated.
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