<VV> U-joint torque

Vairtec Corporation vairtec at optimum.net
Tue Nov 10 10:31:35 EST 2020

There are two longtime members in my local club who hold views on torque 
values that are opposite extremes.

One of them uses a torque wrench on EVERYTHING.  I joke that he even 
uses a torque wrench on the tire valve caps.

The other does not own a torque wrench and simply tightens things by hunch.

Over the decades neither of them has been stranded at the side of the 
road any more often than the other.

So who's right?  I defer to Seth's quote from /Everyday People/.


Seth Emerson wrote:
> Remember "Sly and the Family Stone" when it comes to bolts. "Different strokes, for different folks!"

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