<VV> Late Wiper Arms

eamsquared at comcast.net eamsquared at comcast.net
Mon Aug 16 07:59:03 EDT 2010

If by "Wiper Arms" you are referring to the metal holders that hold the rubber blades then I can be of some help.  I am the original owner of a '66 Monza and have never changed the blade holders as far as my maintenance records and memory allow.  Back in the day, the blade holders were never changed by a new rubber blade was inserted into the holder.  For what it's worth, both my wiper holders are clearly marked "TRICO".  They are satin finish.  I suppose that the blade manufacturer could have been changed during production runs.  I would be interesting to obtain input on this from other original owners. 

Erich Meyer 

Bayshore Corvair 

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