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Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
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You can do it ! I reupholstered 2 earlies with no prior experience or particular 
talent for such work. Ask questions. It can be a little tedius but it is 
do-able.  The front buckets are much harder and trickier to get right. The rear 
seat is a good starter project to see if you have the stomach for it. Once you 
remove the cover, you can assess the extent of additional work (clean up and 
repaint frame, replace padding etc.) needed.


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From: BILL FENEMORE <fenemore at rogers.com>
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Hi? The seam on the?rear seat back on my 65 Corsa is starting to come apart. I 
bought a complete rear seat kit from Clarks and some hog-ring pliers. I thought 
I might try this at home any tips? Or should I leave it to the professionals. 
Thanx Bill


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