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Mon Aug 30 18:45:11 EDT 2010

the oops is , gotta ask for permission to post that VCCA page on  
website...sorry i forgot.
oil pressure: i use a Clark's adapta bolt with a gauge on it when first  
running my motors. look for a gauge with a center feed , offset feeds cause  
slight problems hitting on generator or alternator pully when removing 
.seeing  about 20lbs hot at idle , no more than 50lbs hot unless modified the 
relief  spring, which i do not do often. i feel for street uses , the stock 
pressures  should be fine , and with my luck , adding pressure will cause issues.
i do not leave the gauge on permanently , because if a belt breaks , it  
makes a mess of broken glass and oil....yup i had it happen once years  ago.
regards, tim colson

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