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Hugo Miller hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
Sun Jul 19 15:17:04 EDT 2020

I did say I was referring to the UK. HK flu killed about 80,000 over 
two years; this corona thing has killed about 45,000 last time I looked. 
So despite all the negative propaganda about the US figures, the death 
tol per head of popuation is half that of the UK.
Two other factors to be taken into consideration are the massive 
over-reporting of covid deaths, which are variously described as "covid 
related" or people who have died "with" the virus, or deaths "conected 
to" the virus, or of those "who have tested positive" for the virus. If 
they just reported those who had actually died FROM the virus, we might 
get a truer picture.
  And if you strip out the over-75's, those in care homes and diabetics 
fom the figures, the risk of dying from it is less than one tenth of the 
'official' figures.
Those are the numbers. Dispute them if you wish. But don't try to blind 
me with emotional appeals.

On 2020-07-19 17:57, Jim Simpson via VirtualVairs wrote:
> But I can't let Mr. Miller's assertions go unchallenged.
> The US death toll from the Hong Kong flu in 1968 is estimated at 
> about
> 34,000.  The current death toll from CORVID-19 in the US is 143,000 
> and
> climbing.  While it leveled off for a short time, it's on the 
> increase
> again.  The only current preventative measures are masks, social
> distancing, and general isolation.  If and when an effective vaccine 
> is
> developed, that may change the equation.  No, this is not comparable 
> to the
> Black Death of 1347 - 1351, but neither is this comparable to the 
> 1968 Hong
> Kong flu.
> Now if we can go back to Corvair related topics.
> Jim Simpson
> Group Corvair
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