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Welcome to the Virtual 'Vairs Membership and Registration pages. Here you can join subscribe to the Virtual 'Vairs email list, as well as add yourself to a public (or private) Membership Roster.

Member Roster
To view the current roster of available registered members go to our Member Roster

If you want to subscribe to the email list, but want no part of the Members Roster, then you can subscribe via the web. Go to the Mailman Interface.

Thank you for your interest and for assisting in maintaining our membership information.

*A membership may be requested to be PRIVATE and as such will be used only in compliance with CORSA records.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor my employer are responsible for any errors or content which may be deemed inflammatory or in any way offensive. I reserve the right to edit content. This is a moderated forum but I will not be watching it everyday so I felt the need to say that.

Main Registration: This form enables you to sign up for the mailing list, set options for your subscription, and register your membership. Note: This form is currently only partially active - you will be automatically subscribed to the list and your info is stored on the server, but is not immediately viewable on the Membership Roster. Please send any comments or problem reports to to:emarschn@gmail.com


*E-Mail Address:
an incorrect address will cause your request to fail

Personal Web Page:

The remainder of the information, while required, will be kept private and used only in CORSA related correspondence if requested. Check the below box if you wish the following personal info to be kept private. If left unchecked your information will be searchable via our public database.

Use info for CORSA related business only

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I am a member of the Corvair Society of America (CORSA)
I am NOT a member of CORSA(Corvair Society of America)
Please email me contact information for the Corvair Society of America
I am a member of a local Corvair Club:

Corvairs Owned

    Please enter year, model, color, and brief description per car. (one car per line)


Tell us more about yourself:

Please type a password for your information and subscription. A password is needed so that only you can make changes to your information and subscription. (Please use only letters and numbers--no punctuation or spaces.)


That completes entry of personal information.

Virtual Vairs Subscription Options

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Please check your information carefully before submitting your request.

On receipt of your confirmation reply you will be
added to the Mailing List and the Member Roster.

Questions? Contact Eric Marschner at emarschn@gmail.com


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