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Below is an outline of the non-web procedures for subscribing to Virtual 'Vairs

Help for VirtualVairs mailing list:

This is email command help for version 2.0.9 of the "Mailman" list
manager.  The following describes commands you can send to get
information about and control your subscription to Mailman lists at
this site.  A command can be in the subject line or in the body of the

Note that much of the following can also be accomplished via the World
Wide Web, at:


In particular, you can use the Web site to have your password sent to
your delivery address.

List specific commands (subscribe, who, etc) should be sent to the
*-request address for the particular list, e.g. for the 'mailman'
list, use 'mailman-request@...'.

About the descriptions - words in "<>"s signify REQUIRED items and
words in "[]" denote OPTIONAL items.  Do not include the "<>"s or
"[]"s when you use the commands.

The following commands are valid:

    subscribe [password] [digest-option] [address=address]
        Subscribe to the mailing list.  Your password must be given to
        unsubscribe or change your options.  When you subscribe to the
        list, you'll be reminded of your password periodically.
        'digest-option' may be either: 'nodigest' or 'digest' (no
        quotes!)  If you wish to subscribe an address other than the
        address you send this request from, you may specify
        "address=" (no brackets around the email
        address, no quotes!)

    unsubscribe  [address]
        Unsubscribe from the mailing list.  Your password must match
        the one you gave when you subscribed.  If you are trying to
        unsubscribe from a different address than the one you
        subscribed from, you may specify it in the 'address' field.

        See everyone who is on this mailing list.

        View the introductory information for this list.

        See what mailing lists are run by this Mailman server.

        This message.

Commands should be sent to virtualvairs-request@corvair.org 




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